Please be respectful of Local Businesses when playing at Glen Williams Diamond

Posted by Halton Hills Minor Baseball Association on May 18 2018 at 01:27PM PDT

Glen Williams Ball Diamond Users:

When using the Glen Williams ballpark, please remember to only park in the parking lot which is between Diamond #1 and #2. The parking lot beside the Williams Mill and the Glen Tavern are privately owned and are for users of those facilities only. Please see the attached aerial view.

Please be respectful of the surrounding neighbourhood and use the designated parking inside the Glen Williams Park.

If unauthorized use of the Williams Mill parking lot continues to be an ongoing problem, tagging or towing may need to be considered.


2018-06-04T07:22:00.000-07:00June 04 2018, at 07:22 AM PDT, Mark Cruz said:

Hi guys, I think the league really needs to install a net over the backstop in diamond 2. We lost about 10 baseballs into the tall bush in our last game.