What to do on a rainy game day?

Posted by Halton Hills Minor Baseball Association on May 15 2018 at 06:41AM PDT

On a rainy day, the decision to cancel a game is made with the players’ safety in mind. Please see the details below on when and who makes the rainout games decisions:

House League

  • Up to 5:00 pm, the decision is made by the Division Convener. He/She will contact the division coaches to let them know if the game is cancelled. The Convener also needs to reach out to the Director of Umpires, the Communication Director and the Directors of House League to let them know of the decision. Notifications will be posted on Social Media and our League website. Individual Coaches will reach out to their teams.
  • At 5:00 pm and later, the decision becomes a game time decision all players and coaches need to report to the game as scheduled and the decision to play or not play rests with the umpire. Umpires would then communicate with the coaches, but the final decision is the umpires’ to make. Teams without enough players present at game time will lose the game to default and the opposing team will record a score of 7-0 win.
  • Rainout games can be rescheduled between coaches during practice times. Communication with the Director of Umpires and the Division Convener is essential to ensure that there are officials at the diamonds. Games that are not rescheduled, will remain as unscheduled/unplayed and no points will be awarded in the standings.

Travel Teams

  • Up until 1 hour before game time, the decision is made by the Home Team coach. He will communicate with the Director of Umpires to let her know if the game is going to be cancelled. After that point, the decision falls to the umpire and will be a game time decision.
  • Rainout games are to be rescheduled during the Home Team’s practice slot. Communication with the Director of Umpires is essential to ensure that there are officials on the diamond.

For more information, or further clarification, please reach out to Dee Dee at or to the appropriate Director of House League or Travel Ball.


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